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You’ve got the musicians,
we’ve got the conductor.


We conduct and complement your team to ensure the successful completion of an enduring M&A transaction.

Negotiation &
China Desk

We guide you with our expertise and tact through all local and international negotiations, with a sound experience also in the Chinese market.


For all legal matters of your organization we are the legal professionals with a clear business perspective and the mindset of an entrepreneur.


With the right analysis of your financials we will ensure a solid basis for a goal-oriented corporate controlling.

What can we do for you?

Getting it Done! – Your trusted business consultancy for a confident presence on the national and international stage.

The challenges of M&A transactions are strenuous, diverse and complex – especially for small and medium sized companies. Getting it Done! will support you with profound intelligence to seamlessly complete your deal, from the first call till the contract execution.

We are your trusted advisor in succession planning, project management, transaction structuring and company / assets valuation, analysis of financials and the implementation of efficient and goal-oriented processes.

One of our key passions are negotiations and not only in M&A projects but in general we perceive top negotiation as a form of art. Only after a period of time, parties often find out that various issues have not been sufficiently thought-through and that the pie to share could have been much bigger. Together with you at the negotiation table or as Shadow Negotiator, Getting it Done! helps you to expand the pie and get the piece you deserve.

Looking into the legal issues of a business is another core competence of our team. The legal support for small and midsize companies requires way more than the simple redrafting of contracts. Understanding the needs, goals and the risk profile of an entrepreneur is essential for providing first class legal services. Getting it Done! is your legal advisor for a straightforward and hands-on solution. From entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

Integral company consulting would be incomplete without having an eye on the financials. The financial departments of most organizations process and produce a countless amount of financial data. The most challenging part is the extraction of the key figures and bringing them in an understandable format. But this is the basis for a long-term and successful steering of a company. Beside the pure support in your day to day business we are also your trusted advisor for finance related tasks – always with the goal bringing true added value to your business.

Another core competence of Getting it Done! is the consulting related to transactions with a link to China. The successful closing of more than a dozen transactions in China speaks for itself. Our China Desk Team is your bridge builder from West to East and focuses on overcoming potential cultural gaps. This is the basis for the necessary bonding and a communication at eye level – in German, English and Chinese.

And last but not least, for operational matters we work closely with our partner, Proactis GmbH in Gland, Switzerland, to offer our clients a comprehensive consulting. Zarko Stevic, the managing director of Proactis GmbH has more than 20 years of experience in the field of supply chain, product development and process optimization. He looks back on a successful career at Rolex SA and Audemars Piguet SA amongst other companies.

With its top-class Supervisory Board, including negotiation icon George Kohlrieser, successful business founder Hanspeter Suess, the M&A expert Stefan Peters and music genius Argyris Theofilis aka Argy, Getting it Done is your trustworthy and professional advisor and partner.

Getting it Done!

Frank Wilper

Founder / CEO

Frank Wilper, our conductor and founder of Getting it Done, brings more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Finance. Frank has successfully completed more than 50 M&A deals, creating value for his clients in over 25 countries.

Getting it Done! GmbH
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CEO: Frank Wilper
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Concept: Birgit Brandt Consulting

Tel.: +41 79 419 7508

Webdesign: Lars Boljahn, ideedrei
Photos: Silvia Elz-Wilper
Concept: Birgit Brandt Consulting

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